Arches of the Red River Gorge

© 2002-2021 William H. Patrick
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Kentucky Waterfalls
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Kentucky ranks second or third in the United States in the number of natural arches, behind Utah and perhaps Arizona.
Many of Kentucky's arches are concentrated in the Red River Gorge, the Big South Fork and Mammoth Cave areas.
This site contains arch photographs from the most extensive documentation to date of arches in the Red River Gorge.
The author of this site has produced a series of DVD's containing more detailed information about these arches.
The series is equally valuable for the serious arch hunter who would like to hike to the arches and the arm chair
"hiker" who would like to experience the beauty of the arches from the comfort of home. Each DVD contains a slide
show consisting of more than 500 slides providing over an hour of information on the area's arches and windows.
Also included are GPS coordinates, topological maps indicating the location, and the author's suggestions for the
a route to the arches.

The author, William H. (Bill) Patrick, grew up in nearby Owsley and Lee Counties. He is a descendent of some the early
settlers of Clark, Estill and Powell Counties and has long enjoyed the rock formations and natural beauty of the Gorge area.
It is his sincere hope that these DVD's will enhance your enjoyment of this wonderful part of God's creation and motivate you
to insure its protection. (c)2021